May 29, 2018

An Uruguayan boy found a mistake in Google and Google accepted

An Uruguayan boy, 17-year-old Ezequiel Pereira received his first bounty after discovering a hole in Google's security. Starting on the computer at the age of ten, Pereira entered the coding class one year later, trying to get himself acquainted with many languages of coding.
Uruguayan boy
By 2016, Google has been selected to visit the headquarters in California, USA, after winning the coding contest. After a while, the Uruguayan boy got a bonus from US giants up to $36,337 around the search.

The mistakes Pereira found since the beginning of the year, but recently got permission to write a method to explore the loopholes. This was successful several days ago until Google made public statements that the company really has that trick.

This is not the first time that Google gives a bonus to individuals can seek out its own mistakes instead of the company in 2017 Spending more than $2.9 million on 274 explorers, with some of the biggest bonuses reaching $112,500.

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