May 28, 2018

Break down the reason why the CEO of Twitter does not even use laptops

Cell phone addiction is something that almost anyone in the 21st century has. Twitter Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook has become an integral part of modern day life. Even CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, does not even use laptops. According to Indy100.
CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey
The 41-year-old billionaire said at a Sydney news conference on Friday that, in fact, Do not use laptops because he works on mobile phones. Asked if he was working on mobile phones.
Dorsey answers, "Most smartphones today can do what most laptops do not, so why not? You need both? "He added that he used an app voice to interact with the message rather than typing on a tiny keyboard.

Twitter said that when he opened his mobile phone, he could focus on each app in front of him to work. More efficient than opening many taps on the computer at the same time.
Even Twitter meetings are also interesting. The CEO said that phones and computers had to be shut down so that people could have a valuable time together.

"When we turn on the phone, the computer will be interrupted." So be sure to set aside time for other people in your life.

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