May 29, 2018

IOS 12 has awesome features, iPhone users will be love

Many of the Concepts tabs of iOS 12 have been posted by Filipe Esposito, which envisions many features and functionality. Available today on Apple Watch.
IOS 12 features
iOS 12 is expected to be on the Lockscreen surface, and will include many Widgets, such as weather reports, stock quotes, or Notification. Especially for OLED iPhone owners who have an OLED display will support the Always On function, which displays black background information to help conserve battery life.
Esposito also stresses that during the user click on the Force Touch screen immediately, Widget / Complication will show specific function information One to the fullest. In addition, the iPhone for $ 999 will display an easy-to-manage volume icon on the upper-left screen.

IOS 12 announcement expected to go to WWDC 2018 on June 4 but may delay the use of the iPhone version New in September.

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