May 28, 2018

Those who use Facebook everyday should know this kind of thing

Facebook has announced a new data usage policy that has many features that users need to know when using the social network.

What kind of information does Facebook collect?
Those who use Facebook everyday should know this kind of thing
Facebook collects data no matter what you post, messages, pictures, participant groups, visitor web pages, even hashtags data types Phone, computer, operating system, browser type, battery life, storage space, and computer activity. Even if you turn Facebook off, Facebook can monitor your activity at any time.

Facebook Portfolio
Facebook is not just Facebook. It also includes Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus etc. The way you use these websites affects you not only, but "friends" When you Comment Anyone friends affecting Facebook both. If you are communicating with the app, Messaging The company will receive a phone number and an email address Although they do not use Facebook.

When you give Facebook access to a camera or photo or GPS, not just a photo it can access, it has everything In your library. You might want to limit your Facebook usage to the same device. If it is important to you, you can use a laptop computer, but keep in mind that Facebook Also knows your IP address and can break the data in the image to get location information.

Facebook uses this information to do something
Facebook knows your personal information and your interests are not only important for business but also promote your service potential. Facebook by displaying the information or what you want to be more accurate.

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