June 2, 2018

iOS 11.4 : 4 major improvements for iPhone users

Apple has launched iOS 11.4 a few days ago, adding new features and bug fixes. There are four major changes that users can take to upgrade to the next generation of iOS.
iOS 11.4 features

1. Bug fixes Black-dot:
On iOS 11.3, there is a headache problem around the Black-dot, which can cause the machine to experience crashes or breakouts spontaneously but into generations. The new bug has been eliminated.

2. ClassKit function support:
ClassKit is an easy feature that allows teachers to monitor students through schoolwork with Schoolwork. According to Apple, this feature helps teachers find some of the student's activities through safe, quick and secure use Privacy between these data.

3. New Wallpaper:
The wallpaper that was used on the iPhone 8/8 Plus Red Edition Product (RED) can now be used freely on all devices on iOS. 11.4. Go to Settings> Wallpaper> Choose a New Wallpaper> Stills and look in line 4.

4. Messaging in iCloud:
This new feature allows you to store iMessages in iCloud accounts, such as links to other iDevices. If you delete messages on your iPhone, the data on your computer will also be lost. Go to Settings> Type Apple ID iCloud> Activate Mesages> Back to Home> launch the app as usual.

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