June 3, 2018

iPhone users can consider Pixel 2 (2018)

Using the iPhone for a long time, getting tired of the iPhone X and wanting to change a new experience with Android devices should consider Google's Pixel model at both points. This.

Pixel 2

1. Value
The new 64GB Pixel 2 is worth more than the iPhone 64GB.
Pixel 2 64GB Pixel 2 128GB iPhone X 64GB iPhone X 256GB
US price $649 $749 $999 $1,149
UK price £629 £729 £999 £1,149
Australia price AU$1,079 AU$1,229 AU$1,579 AU$1,829
Google has produced a larger version of the same processor and camera, Pixel 2 XL, while Apple's iPhone 8 uses a processor and a Wide-angle camera. iPhone X and close to the thousands.

2. Notch (header on foreground)
The iPhone X, thinner and smaller, has a larger 5.8-inch screen, compared to a 5-inch Pixel 2 display. The weight of the iPhone X is heavier than Pixel 2.

The Pixel 2 has a curved edge and a scanner on the back of the fingerprint sensor, with a small rear-facing mirror on the camera. The lower aluminum is easier to use and less stressed. The testing of the iPhone X only once made the mirror after fracture.

Apple replaced the fingerprint scanner with FaceID by unlocking the phone when it looked at the screen. While Pixel 2 uses the fingerprint scanner that most people prefer.

Speaker on both phones is better than Pixel and iPhone 7, 7 Plus.

3. Charging and headphones
Pixel 2 Fast Charger can extend battery life by 7 hours after 15 minutes. The iPhone X can use a fast charging feature and can charge wirelessly but only for purchasing additional devices. Pixel 2 does not have a wireless charging feature yet, but the 15-minute speed rating mentioned above does not matter.
iPhone X Pixel 2
Wall charger 5W USB 18W USB-C
Charging cable Lighting to USB USB-C to USB-C
Headphones Yes, with lighting connector None
Headphone Jack Adapter Lighting to 3.5mm USB-C to 3.5mm
Extras None Quick switch adapter
Both phones do not have a socket, but can be used with a headset adapter. Apple sells wireless headsets called AirPods, while Google offers Google Bud's options.

4. Android Oreo works well
A big change needs to be taken into account, not just the phone, but the operating system. Android Oreo works well on Pixel 2 as iOS 11 on iPhone X.

Changes may not apply to Apple's iMessage and FaceTime service, especially if friends or family rely on the app.

Both Android Oreo and iOS 11 provide superior functionality, security, and ease of use.

Google also produces hardware and software like Apple, so system updates are regular and fast.

iPhone X has Apple Pay and Siri, while Pixel 2 has Android Pay and Google Assistant, which also runs on iPhone. If you use Apple Music, this service is also available on Android.

If you've purchased a lot of apps or games on iOS, you may need to buy it again on Android, but now free software is available Many.

Google recently released Android P as the next update. Apple may release Developer Edition first for next iOS at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

5. Camera
The Pixel 2 comes with a single camera on the iPhone X with two buttons. Both phones can produce video and video well. But if it looks like Pixel 2 captures better than the iPhone X with the help of AI technology.

Both phones have a Portrait Mode function, which offers a blurry front-facing image similar to a DSLR camera. At this point, the iPhone X got better.

Both front camera cameras also have Portrait Mode. Pixel 2 The Portrait front-facing camera works as well as the rear camera while the iPhone X front camera sometimes disables the wrong background.

In terms of video, the iPhone X breaks off, providing excellent image quality and multiple shooting options. The Pixel 2 video recording is also broken.

6. Battery and speed processor
Qualcomm's iPhone X chipset A11 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chip do not feature any slower pulses.
iPhone X Pixel 2
GeekBech 4 single-core 4,232 2,917
GeekBench 4 multi-core 10,329 6,396
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited 63,446 39,267
Pixel 2 video test runs for 13 hours and 28 minutes while the iPhone X is 11 hours and 45 minutes. This does not differ too much, it can be used almost all day after day.

Pixel 2 has a connector that can send data from an old iPhone to a new Google phone, and if space saves images and videos, you can use Google Cloud Storage. Pixel 2 with size and price requirements.

This phone can also be used with DayDream View devices to access Content VR from YouTube, Netflix and more. Pixel 2 can also use many ARCore apps.

The iPhone can use AR software and FaceID that can play Animoji messages.

Specifically, the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL models are likely to launch in October, possibly delaying the use of the latest model.

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