June 5, 2018

Just only 8 years old have the ability to write 3 languages code which is difficult to learn

"Seth Yee" is the name of a Singaporean boy with special ability to understand computer literacy and can write code in 3 languages very well.

8 years old kid can write difficulty 3 languages

At 1 year of age
Seth Yee was sent to a school in Singapore, but because of Seth Yee's attitude is different from other boys, he likes to do something different so that the teacher there called Seth Yee's father to bring often.

Ray Yee and Gao, the parents, said each time Seth Yee was taken to the supermarket and gave him a play with this young material, Seth Yee is not interested in play those things, but he is interesting to note how they work, how it works, how it born?

Because of this, at age four, Ray Yee and Gao took Seth Yee for an IQ test and the results, it's almost unbelievable he gets the IQ 134 and gets a Gifted Intelligence degree from the World Testing Institute.

5-year-old Seth Yee went to computer science class six elementary school students. By age six, Seth cannot continue to study in Singapore and his parents move to Melbourne, Australia because they believe That his son can adapt to Australia's education environment better than Singapore. Here, Seth Yee starts playing an online game called Space Flight, codenamed by their teacher Kieran Nolan.

Kieran Nolan said he was really surprised and he almost answered with an unanswered question. Seth Yee was very clever. His intelligence is advanced.

When studying eight years in Australia, Seth Yee writes 3 computer languages: Arduino, JavaScript, and Python. In fact, Seth Yee does this difficult language is because he likes to learn and follow Youtube teach online.

Speaking in an interview with Seth, "When I was on a computer, the code was very catchy and I could understand the codes of those codes. I will allow them to communicate with me or talk to me at any time (Artificial Intelligence) ".

At Wooranna Park Primary School in Australia, Seth Yee's teacher Kieran Nolan taught him how to code and teach how to create Blockchain technology.

Schools in Australia are more attractive than in Singapore.

Seth Yee says he can adapt well to the new school, he likes Nolan because of his teaching style. "Seth said," I like to go to Wooranna Park more than Singapore Schools because it attracts and even teachers are great ".

Andrea Morello, an associate science professor at UNSW Australia who saw Seth Yee's great ability, said that if he wanted to be Professor of Science, he will receive two hands.

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