June 7, 2018

Let's get to know the four malignant viruses

When a computer user wants to plug in a flash drive or a phone user wants to send data to a Bluetooth device, First of all, beware of this malware.

In fact, there are still more ways to circumvent these infected tools, such as message retrieval, which contains viral code, downloads programs from unknown sources.

The four malignant viruses

However, those bad codes are not the only viruses you call viruses. Below are four malware codes that the malicious people use to control and download our data:

1. Virus
The virus is the most common malware that most people Encountered. It connects itself to programs and it will spread to all computers it communicates. The virus will not develop itself if the user does not press the installation program (.exe file). But if you have clicked on a program that contains the virus, it will start to break up and act as an invader to the system. Computer. The results for computers that have been invaded by a virus may be slower than before, damage to the program, and allow the computer to become infected (DOS Attack).

2. Worm
Worm virus can break off like a virus, but it is capable of separating itself without the need for you. Click on any application. It will find weaknesses in the computer system or use any fake information to deceive users to provide and give it fully. Not only when Worm sneaks into your computer, it will use the data transfer system to access it. The entire system without the user being informed.

3. Trojan
Trojan is a dangerous virus code because it is in the form of a legitimate program causing users to be confused. It is a Trojan infection. It has the ability to bother users, it can jump through the windows itself, destroy or steal user data, and finally, It can also pave the way for hackers to hack into our computers.

4. Bot
Bot is a type of virus that can be used in a good way and in a bad way. In a good way, a bot can be used to charge a computer and pull it under the control of the server. Bad talk, in turn, is very powerful because it can not only isolate itself like worms Can steal passwords, financial account numbers, personal information, capture traffic and open the way for hackers to invade computers.

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