June 2, 2018

New technology that can control brain​ is beating Zuckerberg and Elon Musk

Nowadays, there is a company that is competing to connect people's mind to the machine in a way that is called a computer interface, intrinsically related to what one wants.

In the past time, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg face competition with Neuralink and Building 8, but there is a need for brain surgery.

Regarding the translation of sound wave data (signals from the brain). Nuro is on the way, hoping that they Software Platform will provide capacity for those who are lost the ability can communicate each other.

New technology that can control brain​ is beating Zuckerberg and Elon Musk

The idea is simple and has very little functionality to do.

If Nuro's product successful in top one in the market, the company plans to expand this technology and trials in cars and homes. And the future can connect mind and brain.

Relationship with ideas

Nuro released the first show, called Nuos, designed to give voice to those who have had spinal cord injuries or diseases that can not communicate as before.

Nuro's CEO and founder Francois Gand perform some tasks, such as requesting water taps or playing music on Amazon Echo's Smart Speaker.

Gand tested the device with the patient and recently revealed that Nuro could communicate with technology by using Tablet. The screen is divided into a box with icons and message writing, showing commands like I need water or I'm feeling cold and users easy to click or select any box.

This is the same as the practice that uses the screen to quickly display brain activity to accomplish tasks like simple gaming to boost the level of Brainwaves better.

Nuos users can use that technique to type messages using a keyboard on the screen.

OS work on Brainwave
This is not entirely new, with Intel installed for Stephen Hawking testing Caps (head-on sensors, motion sensor Stimulates) based on EEG technology, but due to age and chronic level, Caps cannot receive enough brain signals to function properly. Right. EEG technology has the potential to help thousands of disabled people.

Gand shows that Nuro, an operating system that runs on Brainwaves, can extend home and automotive performance, which is the focus of the manufacturer. Cars. In January, Nissan showed it was working on helping drivers avoid collisions using EEG data.

Body and brain devices may be ideas for the next step.

Zuckerberg said Facebook is working on the computer-brain innovation that can communicate with people.

Whether the Brain-computer interface works on the EEG or whatever, the first company that can achieve it will be well-known.

Neuralink's research project will test mice, while Facebook has not yet been tested with animals.

In addition to allowing patients with incompetence to communicate and remote monitoring. This can be useful when reporting emergency emergencies.

The program can also collect data on brain activity, including levels of brainwaves associated with wakefulness and sleep as well.

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