June 1, 2018

Payroll for all 23 positions in Apple is not less

To Apple, most people are known to be tech giants such as an iPhone and a Mac Costs make the company earn not less than $1 billion a year.

In terms of Apple employees, there are unusual salaries - hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Nowadays, Sabay brings you all the annual salary, the 23 positions in the giant company.

Also, this year's salary does not include an extra bonus and a top position as an executive (CEO) Tim Cook has not been disclosed. On the other hand, some of the positions are the same, but there are different tasks, resulting in more salary.
Payroll for all 23 positions in Apple is not less

23. Hardware design engineer - ASIC microchips ($157,780/year)
Hardware design engineers are drafters of other innovative products and products.

22. Senior engineer in exterior design ($162,988/year)
Senior design engineer in charge of the next product model Draft has appeared. They have the responsibility to lead the team to model products, to shape and to evaluate.

21. Software engineering manager ($163,212/year)
Software engineering manager in charge of team leadership, iOS and MacOS versions, and more.

20. Purchasing managers ($164,998/year)
Procurement managers are generally known as purchasing managers working in finance or logistics, managing demand from suppliers and developing purchasing strategies.

19. Senior Manager, Marketing ($167,133/year)
Senior Marketing Manager in Charge of Marketing for All Apple Products.

18. Software Development Manager ($168,692/year)
Software Development Manager manages software development engineers. To qualify for this position, at least 10 years experience.

17. Senior Financial Manager ($170,053/year)
The senior financial manager is the company's money holder. Information on revenue and package costs goes through all senior financial managers.

16. Senior Product Manager ($170,000/year)
Product Manager Superintendents determine the path of product targeting products for the team and related to The section creates products of all parts of the company, including shareholders.

15. Software Engineer Level V ($175,307/year)
Software engineer level V is a highly qualified engineer with years of experience. Level V is a large number by face.

14. Senior Operations Manager ($179,211/year)
Senior Operations Manager has a staff oriented role and ensures that they work in compliance with company policies and Budget monitoring, etc.

13. Engineers ($180,467/year)
Engineering manager leads the User Interface Development team to make Front-end applications that use JavaScript and CSS.

12. Software Engineer Level V Software ($181,000/year)
Software Engineer is the one who develop, design software, and operating system.

11. Industrial designers ($182,823/year)
Industrial designers have a role to make the product look and feel as desired.

10. Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineering ($194,786/year)
Senior software engineer software helps Apple's business model to be the first of design and develop software.

9.  Manager Level II of engineering ($197,393/year)
Level II engineers of engineering who are experienced in the past are creative in their work and create a good environment for them. Supervisors have new ideas and creativity to address challenges.

8. Manager Level III ($200,033/year)
Manager Level III take the role of checking each group to ensure their success. If the team fails, it must also be tracked.

7. Software Engineering Manager Level II ($201,512/year)
Software Engineer manager level II is a core engineer in software engineering.

6. Senior Engineering Manager ($204,100/year)
Senior Engineering Manager is the top leader in the company manager.

5. Director of Creative ($210,000/year)
Director of Creative has the responsibility to ensure that his products are not the same as his competitors, and exclusive is unique.

4. Senior Advisor ($213,597/year)
Senior Adviser is the one who advises the company to avoid problems such as property, ethical violations, etc.

3. Director of Software Engineering ($230,561/year)
Director of Software Engineering, Manager of Software Engineering.

2. Director ($254,000/year)
Director manages every part of the company.

1. Senior Manager ($309,113/year)
Senior Manager is the Director of the Board, with the role of management in all areas based on its years of experience.

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