June 3, 2018

Top 10 hackers have caused headaches to big companies

Data security has become a key part of the digital era. Hackers have many ways to try to get into the computer system to attempt to steal the data on a computer connected to the Internet.
Top 10 hackers have caused headaches to big companies

All 10 hackers with the most reputable names:

1) Jonathan James
Jonathan James, 16, hacked into US Defense and Defense Agency's hacking and hacking system NASA's information and steal many programs.

James was later arrested but because of his age, he was detained at home until the age of 18, Sorry for their actions.

In 2007, TJX reported hacking into the computer, with Jonathan's name believed to be related to that action, but there is not enough evidence. Heavy psychological pressure until he committed suicide in 2008 at a young age.

2) Kevin Poulsen or Dark Dante
He was the first American to make the Internet and PC. He was first interested in hacking into L.A.
Kevin changed his skills to journalism.

3) Nashon Even-Chaim or Phoenix
Is the most hacking expert in the Hacker group called The Realm, based in Melbourne, Australia. His arrest was the world's first for theft of remote data used as evidence for Crimes against computer criminals.

Nashon's primary goal during his years of activities was the University of the United Kingdom, including NASA. Nashon changed his skills to music instead.

4) Adrian Lamo
Hackers intend to make money and a reputation for being called Black Hat, while hackers intend to strengthen the Black Hat defense system called White Hat. Adrian Lamo is in Gray Hat, aiming at both points.

He was first interested in hacking into major companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, The New York and others. When Lamo was arrested by an unauthorized admission, he confirmed that he did so to help identify the loopholes. The system can save a lot of money. Lamo was detained for six months and fined $ 65,000. Lamo has lived in fear of his life for the past.

5) Kevin Mitnick
At the age of 16, he hacked into computer systems and copied many programs. After a few months of detention, Mitnick continued to hack into and escaped 2 and a half years, using the Clone phone to hide his position. But lastly, he was arrested in 1995 and held for four years.

Mitnick launches IT Security, called Mitnick Security Consulting LLC, to help hackers from hacking. He is also a consultant member for many companies.

6) Albert Gonzales
From mid-2005 to the end of 2007, Gonzales hacked TJX's computer and hacked more than 45 million card data. He was arrested in 2008 and continues until 2025.

7) Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon hacked American military computer systems and deleted important information, programs, and other data. The US government has to pay more than $ 70,000 to rebuild what McKinnon has done. Gary McKinnon is now a System Administrator.

8) Michael Demon Calce
Back in 2000, Yahoo! One of the most popular websites on the Internet and the most popular search engine. Calce sets Yahoo! target And shut down more than 1 hour. He also has eBay, Amazon, Dell, CNN and many other well-known websites. Later, he was arrested. He is now a journalist, writer, consultant, and guest speaker on cybersecurity.

9) Jeanson James Ancheta
He controlled millions of computers using Botnet. Ancheta was arrested in 2005 for a five-year prison term. And the commission has paid compensation for damages caused by his actions.

10) Chad Davis
Chad Davis is part of the GlobalHell Hacker Group. Davis has shut down the US military website with a GlobalHell will not die for up to four hours. He was imprisoned for six months and suspended for three years.

Afterward, Davis was a talker about the importance of online security. He is now a company security consultant.

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