July 26, 2018

In just 2 hours Facebook lost about $150 billion

Facebook's share price has dropped about 20% in just two hours after the company's second-quarter financial report It has released. The decline has plunged Facebook's value to about $ 150 billion.
In just 2 hours Facebook lost about $150 billion
At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg's net worth was $16.8 billion. If the stock price continues to fall, Mark will lose the third-place ranks.

Facebook's second-quarter financial results are not as good as speculators have expected to raise stock prices. There was a sudden drop. In addition, Facebook's chief financial officer, David Wehner, expects Facebook's revenue to grow at a slimmer pace Next year.

Factors that make Facebook's second quarterly financial report negative include poor cash flows Dollars, focusing on the Stories functions that the company can not yet earn it and give you rights Consumers can manage their personal data more broadly - According to David Wehner,

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