July 23, 2018

Top 10 highest salary tech jobs

In the 21st century, technology has been constantly evolving, resulting in high demand for jobs in the sector. In Glassdoor's latest report, the company released data on the technology industry with the highest salary to $ 100,000 a year, based on the average salary in each job.
Top 10 highest salary tech jobs

Here are the top 10 jobs in the industry:

10. Information Security Engineer ($131,300/year)

Information Security Engineer protects data and property from hackers and hackers. What information security engineers need to focus on reinforcing encryption, or looking for gaps in data security.

9. Software Development Engineers ($137,400/year)

Software Development engineers are experts in coding and have to work quickly.

8. Enterprise Architect ($144,400/year)

Enterprise Architects create projects and directions for server maintenance, software and corporate assets related to IT. In other words, the founder of the enterprise is an IT strategist.

7. Program Administrators ($145,000/year)

Program Administrators has the role of monitoring company projects, testing out product code and tracking development progress.

6. Software Developer ($145,400/year)

Software Developers have the responsibility to design and process the software, by designing parts for other coders to achieve the plan and to participate as technicians in this regard.

5. Developer (App) ($149,000/year)

Developer (App) is the person who develops software in the company whether or not they have to use existing tools, and in other cases, Developer (App) can create a prototype for future development.

4. Infrastructure Engineers ($153,000/year)

Infrastructure Engineers play a key role in managing corporate systems such as servers, data centers, or cloud computing.

3. Program Development Manager ($153,300/year)

The Software Development Manager has the responsibility to lead the team to develop or test any system or applications of the company.

2. Data Architect ($154,800/year)

The Data Architect is responsible for viewing all the company data and organizes the data for analysis.

1. Software Product Manager ($163,00/year)

Software Product Manager has a team leader who is responsible for developing, researching and testing applications of the company. This is the most important role in a company that Software Managers will help in creating and maintaining programs.


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