August 17, 2018

Slightly shocked to know why should not play the phone at night

Going into bed sleeping with smartphones, watching social media, watching e-mails, or playing games, there are so many people who use this habit. Every day. Numerous studies have already shown that this practice can have serious health effects, especially in eyes.
Slightly shocked to know why should not play the phone at night

1. Can damage the eyes

Highly-bluish blue emblems from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other LED screens can damage your eyes. A similar answer to Business Insider and the American Macular Degeneration Foundation study show that blue light from electronic devices can damage eyesight. Reach Muy.

These risks can be avoided without trying to use the phone every evening or night. If you want to use the blue level drop-down plugin to protect your eyes when looking at these lights, try the Night Shift feature. (iOS) or Twilight (Android).

2. Disturbed sleep

Blue light can interfere with the production of melatonin, a type of hormone that helps the body sleep. As a result, not only are you making you sleep poor and tired, you can also have a range of illnesses, such as heart disease, weight gain Depression and anxiety.

3. Increases the risk of cancer

Sleep has the essential nutrients needed for the body to grow, and it also helps the sensation to feel at least 6 to 8 Hours per day. When the metabolism levels decrease, the risk for cancer and other diseases will increase. If the melatonin production is only overnight disturbed, it is not a serious issue. If having a nighttime routine increases the risk of cell damage and disease.

Incentives should start to reflect on health, reduce the use of nighttime phones, especially when sleeping. Phone once.

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